Property Development

Property Development

We aim at building long term relation and deliver solutions that meet our clients demand

At Edendale property development includes a wide range of activities from the purchasing of land, development of outstanding buildings and facilities to meet the requirements of customers, which includes the sales or lease of the land of properties on completion

We have an extensive property development expertise and successful records and have developed properties in different areas which include office complex, apartments, townhouses and others We aim at building long term relation and deliver solutions that meet our clients demand. our property development program primarily encompasses sites across Ghana Here at Edendale our team is responsible for all aspect of the property development process comprising of:

  • Sourcing the ideal property or land, taking into consideration the location, infrastructure and others
  • We identify options for optimizing the structures
  • Advising on issues relating to the environment and planning as well as development approach
  • Contractual rights and obligations
  • Master planning
  • Architecture and design
  • Developing purpose built facilities
  • Project management
  • Funding

This ensures ownership of our properties and avoids external factors from interrupting, because Edendale owns the assets it develops clients are assured that developments are at their maximal standards. Our ability to manage numerous building development contracts efficiently within timeframes is what our success is based on. With Edendale, we don’t just develop buildings we believe that the way we develop a building will affect our clients satisfaction or retention.

Our experts are ready to help find the right property for your needs.

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You can also contact the Placement Team, Databank Brokerage Limited, Omega Capital, or Synercate Advisory Limited on 024-4774297, 054 -4141114, and 020-4691518 respectively.

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2nd Floor, The Alberts, No 23 Sunyani Avenue Kanda Estate, Kanda-Accra

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