Lajoya Courts

A front view of Lajoya court surrounded by the city skyline is just the first of many highlights you will notice at Lajoya Court. Located near Redco flats North, Lajoya apartments is made up of 2 stunning bedroom apartments numbering up to 40 with single bathrooms each. Residents enjoy amenities including 24/7 modern security, quality water supply, convenient car park all in this fully air conditioned apartments. Wake up each morning to the awe-inspiring sunrise in the East and drift to sleep each night with the tranquil sounds of nature

Many of our luxurious apartments are unique with an array of stylish features such as, ceramic tiles freshly painted walls and well equipped rooms. Come and discover what living at Lajoya court is all about

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2nd Floor, The Alberts, No 23 Sunyani Avenue,
Kanda Estate, Kanda-Accra

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2nd Floor, The Alberts, No 23 Sunyani Avenue Kanda Estate, Kanda-Accra

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